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  • Conference Speaking
  • Conference Chairing
  • After Dinner Speaking
  • Strategic Consultancy in Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, Business Change and Complaint Management
  • Executive Coaching in Strategy and Leadership
  • Internal Workshops and Seminars
  • Training

Material for all client events is created collaboratively so it is tailored to the exact requirements of your conference or meeting. Consulting is based on a proven six step framework developed while at John Lewis. Rather than trying to produce an exhaustive list of services, we would encourage you to get in touch and ask if we can meet your need – we usually can and if not it is highly likely that we will know somebody who is able to help. If it is a particularly large event or assignment we have a number of trusted associates who we work with, several of which also started their careers at John Lewis. The list below illustrates some of the most frequently requested speaking topics and consulting assignments:

Developing a distinct and differentiated customer experience delivered through employees to define the brand

Have you really thought about what your customers experience when they interact with front-line staff and how they subsequently feel about your organisation? Many organisations focus on their product, services or processes when they think about customer experience and the interaction with staff is left to chance. Just as many of the numerous awards John Lewis win cite the quality of the experience delivered through their staff as they recognise the quality of their products and services. It's a potential major point of differentiation in a crowded marketplace and one that many organisations fail to capitalise upon.

Leadership and customer service

Many organisations try to train their employees to deliver great customer service. However, the effect of these training programmes is often diluted a few days or weeks after the course has been delivered. The key to delivering a differentiated and sustainable customer experience is through leadership and coaching towards a defined, clearly articulated and measured aim.

Organisational development to enhance customer service

Many organisations seem to focus on process to the point that frontline staff are always busy with tasks that take their efforts away from giving a memorable level of service. Similarly, the managers of those organisations find themselves focusing on managing those tasks rather than leading and coaching their teams to deliver memorable customer service. An external focus rather than an internal focus can deliver remarkable results.

Defining and shaping organisational culture

What did your organisation set out to be for its customers at its inception? Usually, in a start-up business, high quality personal customer service is a given or the business will fail. However, as organisations grow they often lose touch with their roots and process and cost management start to dominate the agenda. Culture and behaviour within an organisation can't be trained, but they can be shaped though an overt consciousness of what the organisation aims to achieve.

Selling though service and relationships

So many organisations take a short term view to sales - maximise the sale today and don't think about tomorrow. However, taking a longer term view of a customer and focussing on their individual needs rather than the immediate needs of the organisation can, over time, build a degree of trust and loyalty that will transcend this recession and any more that may follow.

Managing customer complaints to enhance reputation

We've all heard the figures that a satisfied customer tells x number of people whereas a dissatisfied customer tells x+++ number of people. However, many dissatisfied customers who experience a swift positive outcome are likely to become the strongest advocates of an organisation while providing some free consultancy as to how that organisation can become more customer centric.

Fun at work to improve commercial success and productivity

Fun at work is often seen as frivolous and rarely finds itself on the strategic agenda. However, when appropriate, it can create an environment that reduces staff turnover and improves productivity. When employees are really happy at work it has a very positive effect on the quality of customer service too which in turn enhances turnover and profits.

Engaging internal communications

Communication within an organisation is all about making things happen or change, not just passing information down the line. So, how do you create accessible and engaging communication that delivers results rather than simply informs?

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