Client Feedback by Business Sector

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Independents Day is a high profile seminar for leading independent opticians and this year we chose Andrew McMillan as our keynote speaker and chairman of the day’s proceedings. He is a brilliant and inspirational speaker whose ability to relate his experience and undoubted breath of knowledge to an unfamiliar industry was phenomenal. Andrew, thank you for what has been acclaimed as the best Independents Day seminar so far.

David and I would like to thank you two great presentations. That’s not just our view but also the view of the early feedback to our online survey. I’d also like to add my personal thanks for making my life so easy in the preparation. Your generous time on the telephone providing insight and ideas on how to get the best output for our audience was invaluable and spot-on for what we needed. Additionally your prompt attention to getting draft slide sets and interactive questions was exemplary and an example to all speakers of how working with a keynote can be a pleasure and not (as in many cases) a chore!


It was a pleasure to have you at our conference and thank you again for delivering such relevant and thought provoking content.


A letter of thanks on behalf of Dr Stephen Dunn, Kay Fradley and our Patient Revolution Council for your excellent presentation last week. As anticipated, the content was engaging and reflected precisely the areas of our strategic interest.


Thanks for coming to speak to us. The feedback after the session and in to the evening was excellent.


He was brilliant – really good. We had very positive feedback and he was an excellent presenter & facilitator! We all enjoyed his presentations.


I just wanted to reiterate how grateful we were for such an upbeat, relevant and applicable presentation. Obviously our 2 worlds are fairly different at face value, but your talk has received nothing but positive comments from the audience. A couple of specifics were around that 3 individuals felt compelled by your strategies from the point of view of being able to truly visualize on a weekly basis in John Lewis!



“Andrew was brilliant. He has a lovely manner on stage, he was a pleasure to deal with, his appearance was immaculate and he tailored his content perfectly for us. Delegate feedback was excellent.

We were very happy indeed and would happily recommend him to anyone who needs a message relating to service delivery and developing a mindset of exceeding customers' expectations in the retail or service delivery sector.”


I was really pleased with Andrew – your “wild card” suggestion really worked well with my group. He was exactly how you said he would be and he really listened to the things I said during our phone conversation as he tailored everything really well to the business situation. So all in all – great!


Andrew was excellent and made a presentation of high quality with content which was very relevant for Nisa Symbol Group retailers. He came over very well and we certainly intend to use him again at some stage in the future.


Many thanks again for your presentation at our event; it was extremely well received, and we had some great feedback. It was great to have an added dimension on customer experience from a speaker as credible and experienced as yourself.



A quick note to say thank you very much for speaking at our conference yesterday. Everyone I’ve spoken with enjoyed your presentation and the messages around leadership and building the spirit within seem to have really resonated with them – which is exactly what I hoped for.


Well – you certainly made a mark with MOLLY MAID! Your session on Friday has proved to be one of the most memorable parts of the Convention, and we now have the challenge of keeping the momentum going in the coming weeks. In particular thank you for patiently preparing the content and for integrating many MOLLY MAID references as it really showed that you had done your homework!


Just a quick line to thank you for your superb contribution to Comms Vision which I think helped make it our best yet. We've had so much great feedback on your session already that I'm sure the presentation will be a popular refresh read for our attendees.


The goal of the event was to share the latest insights and ideas from the market and customer perspectives regarding evolution of the newest technologies such as the smartphone and LTE, examine and set new trends regarding the many facets of the customer experience and social media that can be capitalized on, network with colleagues and conduct wide-ranging discussions with the over 90 delegates from 12 countries who attended. This goal was certainly achieved – and your input played a major, and very much appreciated, role.


Thank you for joining us today. It was a great presentation, with great impact – you certainly left us with a lot to think about. You’ll be pleased to know you created a lot of lively debate in the next session too!



Thank you once again for your wonderful presentation on Tuesday which really was perfect and was a great finish to what we had presented in the morning. I had some amazing feedback from everyone on your presentation and I think it was definitely what we needed so many thanks for attending and I am glad enjoyed your time with us.


Thanks for speaking at our event, feedback on your presentation has been great.


Very inspirational, maintained a good tone throughout, every attendee was engaged. 4 days later and it is still the main topic of conversation. Hit exactly the right note and tailored for relevance. Highly recommended for any sector!


Andrew was really engaging and insightful and delivered exactly what we wanted. His talk really tied together everything that our delegates had been discussing during the day and his extensive knowledge of customer service really came across.



Thanks for an excellent presentation yesterday. You certainly delivered on the Value and Service elements of your old John Lewis mission statement. Your slot was a perfect combination of simple, powerful messages with lots of humour and personal anecdotes and a great use of video content.


It was a real pleasure to work with you – I thought that your keynote speech was fantastic and the feedback from our retail colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive.


I just want to drop you a note and say thanks for your help and support on our customer experience project. The feedback has been excellent and you really hit the spot.


We thought that the presentation was well received and hit the right tone for that time in the evening, it was well presented and complimented the day’s activities.


Once again many thanks for the outstanding job you did on the Connected 2012 event, I've received many nice thank you notes from Retailers.


I have received emails and spoken to a number of people already, all of whom found your speech highly inspirational and motivational, making them even more determined to build on the high level of service that we currently try to instil in our dealership teams.


The conference went well and the overall view was very positive about the content and your contribution. It has really helped us move the agenda on within the Volvo brand regarding the need to move our thinking on and the role of staff engagement in that.


Financial Services

We very much enjoyed your key note speech at the Offsite which set an excellent tone for the conference. The feedback afterwards from participants was very positive.


We were delighted with the presentation - and all the preparation he did beforehand.


I have now received more feedback from the Conference Delegates and your presentation was universally well received and challenged our people in a way that engaged them and forced them to think a lot about themselves and the way they lead their teams. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.


Andrew's session was first class and we have had excellent feedback for his session. Andrew bought excellent external insight to the session particularly the examples on how other companies are able to leverage customer advocacy. More importantly there were lots of messages and actions that Andrew talked about that our audience can use and replicate in their franchise - this is important to us and hence why we feel that Andrew delivered real value for our event. We would definitely recommend his as a speaker in the future for similar events.


Public Sector

We would like to send our grateful thanks to you for your brilliant keynote speech, which set the upbeat tone for the conference on retail at just the right level. Plus thank you for the associated media and press interviews, which highlighted the event and raised public and business awareness.

We have had very positive feedback from everyone who attended and here are some of the comments we received:
"Excellent, would have liked more."
"Excellent, would have listened and learnt all day."
"Good stuff! Reinforced the view that we all need to contribute to sell the 'Lincoln' experience."
"Excellent in both content and delivery."
"Relevant, humorous, great!"
"Inspiring, motivational and humorous."


Just writing to say how excellent Andrew was today at the Hampshire County Council Commercial Thinking Challenge conference. He had done an excellent job of interpreting the background information sent in advance to hit exactly the right note between motivation and challenge, and he really inspired the audience to think differently about what “being commercial” could mean in a public sector context.

It was a pleasure to meet and work with him.


Not For Profit

Thanks very much for coming in and spending the time with us. A lot of what you said really resonated with us (either because we’re doing it already or because there are areas we can build on). I’ve had brilliant feedback from people at the session and there’s been some great discussions going on this morning about some of the topics you talked about.